For Very Good Reason: The Boys Season 4 Release Date Delayed Indefinitely

Series creator and showrunner Eric Kripke has provided an explanation for the delay in the release of The Boys season 4, stating that it is due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. Since the WGA initiated their industrial action on May 2, 2023, numerous prominent film and television projects have been affected by work bans, leading major networks and studios to reassess production schedules and release dates for highly anticipated shows.

In a recent Twitter post, Kripke addressed the impact of the writers strike on The Boys season 4, despite the completion of principal photography. Responding to a fan’s query about the season’s delay, he revealed that the final release date of season 4 would depend on the duration it takes for studios to reach a resolution with their writers. Kripke further clarified that although filming had concluded, there was still the need to write and re-record dialogue during the show’s post-production phase. Take a look at his response below:

What Does The Boys Season 4 Delay Mean For Gen V?

While news of a possible delay for the fourth season of The Boys may disappoint eager viewers awaiting the next installment, it’s important to note that the official release date for the season had not been announced. Filming for the new season concluded in April 2023, leading most predictions to anticipate an early 2024 release. However, since there is no clear indication of when showrunner Kripke and his team will resume production, it’s uncertain how much further these estimates may be pushed back.

Nevertheless, while fans may have to exercise some patience for the arrival of The Boys season 4, they might still have the opportunity to delve into the corrupt Supes’ world sooner than expected. The franchise’s latest spinoff series, Gen V, is slated for release later this year and may have managed to avoid the production delays faced by the main series. Having wrapped up filming in September 2022, Gen V is likely further along in the post-production phase, potentially allowing it to evade similar setbacks.

A previous Gen V poster hinted at a possible fall 2023 release, suggesting that audiences may only have to wait a few more months to immerse themselves in the debaucherous world of The Boys once again. Additionally, as Kripke and other members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) continue their advocacy for fair compensation and rights pertaining to their work, the ongoing impact on highly anticipated releases like The Boys season 4 will likely draw further attention to their cause.

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