I make almost $2M a month letting people watch me sleep on Twitch and OnlyFans

Amouranth, also known as Kaitlyn Siragusa, a renowned Twitch influencer, has unveiled her most profitable source of income – allowing viewers to watch her sleep. Rising to fame on Twitch, a popular platform for live-streaming video games, Amouranth earns money through a variety of unconventional methods. During an interview on ‘The Iced Coffee Hour’ podcast earlier this week, she disclosed one of her most successful money-making endeavors: sleep streams. As the name suggests, sleep streams involve broadcasting live footage of individuals sleeping while viewers watch along.

Amouranth explained that sleep streams are particularly lucrative for male streamers. Viewers willingly donate money with the intention of waking the streamer up, either through notifications or by employing media sharing to play loud music or videos. Amouranth speculated that her viewers were motivated by voyeuristic tendencies, which contributed to the popularity of her sleep streams. In fact, she claimed to have earned over $9,940 in just a few hours through this unique streaming concept. She further added that if the conversions to OnlyFans during her sleep were taken into account, the earnings could potentially reach $10,000 to $15,000.

Amouranth also discussed several other income-generating ventures she had pursued over the years, such as OnlyFans and investments in gas stations and real estate. She estimated her total monthly income to be around $2 million. When questioned about why she didn’t stream herself sleeping every night, Amouranth cited scheduling difficulties as a hindrance.

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